Vina Greer Henry

Vina Greer 1

Image Courtesy of the Library of Congress

After graduating high school during World War II in 1942, Vina Greer felt it was her duty to aid in the country in the war effort. Vina went to Louisiana to be trained to build airplane bombers, and upon completing her training found a job at the Willow Run Bomber Plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Vina and other women boarders from all over the nation came to Ypsilanti to work in the Willow Run Bomber plant; she lived in Ypsilanti as a boarder with two families located on Oak Street and Sherman Street. Vina and her friends would travel by bus to the Willow Run Bomber plant and worked long shifts (day and night) to meet the demand for bombers as the war intensified. Greer was trained to rivet the center wing of the B- 24s.  In addition to riveting, women were involved in making tanks, ships, steel, munitions and were even test pilots of the bombers being built. When Vina’s mother became ill she returned home to Louisiana where she continued to work in a shell plant to aid in the war effort. At the end of the war Vina slipped into the role of wife and mother, but never forgot the important role she played in the war effort.  Vina died on June 14, 2005. [1]

[1] Vina Greer Henry Exhibit. “Arsenal of Democracy”. Yankee Air Museum. June 2010.

Vina Greer 2

Image Courtesy of the Library of Congress

2 Responses to Vina Greer Henry

  1. Rebecca Henry Games says:

    What a delightful surprise to see this story! Vina Greer Henry was my mother. She was very proud of her service during World War II, and dearly loved the people in Ypsilanti, especially the Furtney family, with whom she stayed. Truly part of the “Greatest Generation” , women such as Vina —and there were many— were an integral part of the war effort.

  2. Katherine Henry says:

    Mrs. Vina was a wonderful lady. I am so proud to call her my family… Love and miss her dearly!!!

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