Rose Will Monroe

Rose Will Monroe

Image courtesy of the Ypsilanti Historical Society

A widowed mother from Kentucky, Rose Monroe came to the Willow Run plant in Ypsilanti, Michigan to find work to feed her children and support war efforts.  Rose was lucky enough to be spotted by film Director William Pigeon and fit the role for Rosie the Riveter!

“Rosie the Riveter” in the film based on the song, inspired by Rosalind Walter. [1]

Rose was able to star in this propaganda film about women working in the plants back home while men were overseas. Little did Rose know that this film and the image of her would become the icon for the efforts of all the women during World War II, and that she would be a female role model for generations of women to come. [2]

Rosie the Riveter

[1] The Real Story of a “Rosie the Riveter: A Ford Motor Company Employee.

[2] Michelle Kerwin- Woods. “Our Gal Rosie”. Ypsilanti Gleanings, 03/26/2010.

2 Responses to Rose Will Monroe

  1. Zoi Campion says:

    Why was she a hero??

  2. Mary Kay Pousa says:

    well…she started a movement as far as women in the workforce…one does not have to be a physical hero like saving someones life……she needed a job to support her family…she was a widow….you must be one of the me generation…I think that what your era needs a 1930’s depression…..that would fix the world instead of thinking you are entitled ….grow up

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