Olga Marie Madar

Olga Madar

Courtesy of Yankee Air Museum

Olga Madar worked at the Willow Run Bomber plant in 1941 on the plating platform.  Olga realized that those who worked at the plant, single men and women, and those who had families had nowhere to enjoy any form of recreation. Olga developed a recreation program at the plant which created opportunities for men, women and children.  A few months later, Olga was offered a fulltime position as Recreation Supervisor, and by 1944 the UAW (United Auto Workers) appointed her director of the Recreation Department.  Olga believed that while work was important, that non-work time was just as important. “We’ve got to place more emphasis on non-work time.  Contributing to community organizations- that’s important.”  While Olga was the director of the Recreation Department she eliminated racial bias from organized bowling. [1] (The Detroit News Pictorial Magazine).

By 1966 Olga was the first woman to be elected to be part of the executive board for the UAW where she worked on Resource Development and Conservation. Her projects included preservation of Michigan’s Porcupine Mountains, Sleeping Bear Dune Parks, and the clean-up of Lake Erie.  By 1970 Olga was the first female vice president of the UAW.  Olga also started the Coalition of Labor Union Women, and was their first national president.  She dedicated her life to the betterment of the working class, not only in the work place but also in the community. Olga was inducted into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame in 1989 because of her many efforts throughout her life time. [2] Olga Madar passed away on May 16, 1996.

[1] “Olga Madar: A Good Catch for the UAW” The Detroit News Pictorial Magazine. July 31, 1966.

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