(9) 218 N.Washington St. – Ladies Literary Club

Ladies Literary Club members, with several male volunteers, on Drama Day in 1938, one of their annual events
Photo Courtesy of Ypsilanti Historical Museum

The Ladies Literary Club in Ypsilanti, MI is one of the longest running women’s groups in the state of Michigan. In the 1870s Ypsilanti women realized that they were surrounded by academia, with the Normal School (now Eastern Michigan University), a local seminary, and the University of Michigan all near by. A small group of women decided that they really needed to “keep up” with the intelligent community around them. They did this by forming study groups to help educate themselves. Thus, the Ladies Literary Club was born. Since its inception in 1878, the group now strives to help better the community by holding events and fundraising.

The Ladies Literary Club at first met in the homes of its members. They purchased their clubhouse in 1914, which at the time was unheard of for a group of women. The house was important to the Club because it created their own space and solidified them as a permanent fixture in Ypsilanti.

Ladies Literary Club, comp. Ladies Literary Club Ypsilanti Michigan 125 Years: 1878-2003. Ypsilanti, MI: Ladies Literary Club, 2004. Print.
Ladies Literary Club, Vertical File, Ypsilanti Historical Museum

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