(8) 108 Pearl St. – Woman’s Relief Corps.

Women's Relief Corps Banners

Women’s Relief Corps Banners

During the Civil War, women in many northern communities formed committees to support local soldiers with clothes, flags, uniforms, care packages, and burial. After the war, these ad-hoc committees formed the Woman’s Relief Corp in 1883. In Ypsilanti, the Corp was organized as Carpenter Post #65 in May 1884 with twenty-five members. Originally open to wives, mothers, sisters and daughters of Union veterans, it eventually became open to all women of “good patriotic and moral standing.”  The WRC led the drive to build the Highland Cemetery Soldier’s Monument in 1895. Under the direction of Florence Babbitt, the WRC organized the purchase of the Grand Army of the Republic Hall at 108 Pearl Street in 1908, where it was headquartered for decades continuing its charitable functions largely focused on the needs of veterans.

Women's Relief Corps ca. 1954

Women’s Relief Corps ca. 1954
Seated: Nellie Tripp, Lena Gotts, Anna Earl, Mary Johnson, Lillian Lott
Standing: Marie Riley, Bertha Stitt, Margaret Weston, Ella Niles

Vertical Files, General Subjects: Ypsilanti Historical Society.

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